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Remote Data Monitoring and Real-Time Plant Data Transfer to State

Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC)

We are India's foremost Telemetry Systems provider, known for our dependable systems and dedicated service team, offering support at both the plant and SLDC levels.

We have achieved a decade of success, operating a network of over 400 telemetry sites throughout India.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

CERC and CEA Guidelines:

Adherence to Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) notification and Central Electricity Authority (CEA) guidelines for real-time transmission of Grid Interface Line and Generation Parameters, Status Information, and SOE.

Continuous Data Update:

Ensure continuous data updates every second, guaranteeing 24x7 data uptime for all Power Generation Plants, IPPs, Renewable Plants (Solar, Wind, Bio-mass, Co-gen), and Open access power consumers, in accordance with regulatory mandates.

Versatile Communication Solutions

Customized Communication Media:

Selection of communication media tailored to SLDC norms and site-specific conditions.

Multiple Media Options:

Deployment of telemetry systems on various communication media options, including Cellular service (Dynamic or Static IP), V-SAT, Radio, Leased Lines/MPLS/Broadband, PLCC, OFC, etc.

Redundancy for Reliability:

Implementation of redundant communication links as per SLDC norms to ensure system reliability.

Proven Telemetry Systems Expertise

Pioneer in Telemetry Engineering:

Over a decade of pioneering experience in engineering Telemetry Systems.

RTU-Based System Design:

Utilization of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) design with all mandatory type-test certifications required by SLDCs.


Please note: We have shown a general architecture of the solution, actual architecture may vary depending on the client's requirement

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