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Introducing Smart Multi-Point Submetering Solutions for Seamless

Tenant Billing and Multi-Feeder Monitoring

Elevate your property management with our Smart Multi-Point Submetering Solutions. Effortlessly monitor energy usage in multi-feeder setups, ensuring accurate tenant billing.

With versatile configurations for various properties, our system offers real-time insights, theft protection, and precise Time-of-Use billing.

Efficient Tenant Billing

BFM-II captures detailed energy utilization data, enabling precise tenant billing for multi-feeder setups in properties such as residential complexes, shopping centers, and industrial sites.

Comprehensive Multi-Feeder Monitoring

Equipped to monitor 54 single phases, 18 three phases, or a mix of both, BFM-II offers a versatile solution for tracking consumption patterns across various departments in organizations.

Organizational Control & Insightful Reports

Empowers organizations with detailed consumption reports, aiding in managerial decisions and control, while ensuring theft protection, billing accuracy, and Time-of-Use billing.

Key Features of Substation Automation Solutions

Flexible Meter Configurations

• Accommodates 54 single-phase or 18 three-phase connections, allowing tailored setups.
• Ideal for diverse properties, from residential areas to industrial complexes.

Precise Billing Software

• Generates accurate bills based on defined charges, simplifying tenant billing and financial management.
• Ensures transparency and fairness in billing processes.

Real-time Consumption Insights

• Provides real-time data on energy usage, enabling proactive management and cost-saving strategies.
• Facilitates immediate response to unusual consumption patterns.

Theft Protection & Billing Accuracy

• Detects irregularities and potential energy theft, safeguarding property owners' investments.
• Maintains billing accuracy, preventing revenue losses and ensuring fair billing.

Customizable Time-of-Use Billing

• Supports Time-of-Use billing, allowing organizations to implement flexible pricing strategies.
• Enables dynamic billing based on peak and off-peak consumption periods.

User-Friendly Interface

• Intuitive interface for easy setup, monitoring, and generating reports.
• Requires minimal training, ensuring quick adoption and utilization by property managers and administrators.


Please note: We have shown a general architecture of the solution, actual architecture may vary depending on the client's requirement

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